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**** Safe Distancing Information ****

Due to safe distancing regulations we have limited capacity at our Sunday morning worship services. If you would like to attend as a visitor please contact us in advance to reserve a place.

We are based at Zion Chapel, Merlyn-Rees Avenue, Morley, West Yorkshire, UK but also meets at other venues around the town. The church was formed in 2000 by local Morley people who believe the gospel and want to share it with others in the town. The church is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches.

We are evangelical. Our position is mainstream Chrisitanity, we believe the Bible is entirely trustworthy and reliable and want to proclaim its message.

We are congregational. The church is self governing with members having an important part in running and organising its affairs.

We are Baptist. We encourage Christians to publicly declare their faith in baptism by full immersion.

Service. Our main Sunday Service is normally held at 10am in Zion Chapel… details

Our Mission: Sharing the love of Jesus, helping people, nurturing the church

TFGEVS/ESC Volunteers: If you are interested in working as a volunteer with Morley Community Church please make your initial applications to our partner Time For God www.timeforgod.org


Morley Community Church News

Jun 06

We are holding services at 10am on Sundays.

Due to safe distancing restrictions we have limited seating in the church so if you are not a regular member of the congregation but would like to attend please contact us in advance to reserve a place.

Face masks must be worn whilst inside the building and we will not be having communal singing or refreshments after the service.

The service will also be available on Zoom for anyone who is self isolating. If you would like to join us on Zoom please e-mail for the joining instructions.


Jun 06

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Apr 02
Apr 02

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Mar 21

From Sunday 21 March 2021 our new base will be Zion Chapel, Merlyn-Rees Avenue, Morley, LS27 9SL

Feb 15

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