Jun 20

Steve and Joan moved to USA in July. We held a Farewell Party in the Annexe at Fountain Primary School on Friday 7 July. Steve’s last service was on Sunday 9 July.

Jun 20

On Sunday 2 July the morning service was followed by a barbecue lunch at which we will said farewell to our youth workers Johanna Schmidt and Khrystyna Strelchenko. Johanna returned to Germany on 5 July although Khrystyna stayed in Morley until the end of the month.

Sep 12

For the ten months from September 2016 to July 2017 we have two new EVS volunteers working with the church; they are Johanna Schmidt from Germany and Khrystyna Strelchenko from Ukraine.


Johanna with Councillor Gettings, Mayor of Morley.


Khrystyna at Jubilee Court

Aug 17


Anneke and Stacy have now completed their year with us and returned to Germany and Ukraine respectively

Nov 01

Anastasiia Chalchynska from Odessa in Ukraine, arrived in Morley on Wednesday 28 October 2015 after a delay waiting for a UK entry visa to be issued; she will be working with the Church until July 2016. Her gap years is partly financed by an EVS grant.

F:1 I:B QT:2 MT:+169

Anneke (left) and Anastasiia (right) with Pam Senior at the Remembrance Day Parade

To read more about Anneka and Annastasiia at the Remembrance Day Parade in the Time For God newsletter follow the link.

Sep 01

Anneke Barnstedt from Kaasse in Germany, arrived in Morley on Monday 31 August 2015; she will be working with the Church for the next year. Her gap years is partly financed by an EVS grant.

The arrival of our second Gap Year Worker, Anastasia Chalchynska from Ukrane, has been delayed due to visa problems.