Sep 27

We launched the Harvest Eggs Project at the Harvest Festival at 10am on Sunday 11 October. In the period up to Christmas the church will be selling free range eggs obtained direct from a farm in Ripon to finance a project to help destitute miners widows in Zimbabwe.

We recently heard through our links with the International Miners Mission (IMM) about the plight of such families.  The loss of the breadwinner through disease or accident has seen their widows and families destitute and without income or support in this struggling African nation. We have joined forces with the International Miners Mission to address the problem. Through IMM chaplains in the Kadoma mining area of Zimbabwe, scores of chickens, sheds, wire, feed and other equipment will be purchased. Groups of miners’ widows will rear the hens and sell their eggs and chicks to make a small livelihood for themselves. Our friends on a farm at Ripon will be supplying us with quantities of free range eggs and over the next few months we will be selling these to friends and neighbours to generate income for this project.

All the surplus made from sales will be ploughed into the project; the target is to raise £200.

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Egg Project