Aug 18

Members at Morley Community Church are multiplying their money for a unique missionary project – the ‘harvest of talents’The church aims to raise £500 for the International Miner’s Mission to build a mission chapel and compassion centre in Ethiopia that will  bringing spiritual, social and practical help to very poor mining families in an area where where mining communities are expanding.  Volunteers from the congregation  have been given £10 by the church treasurer. Using their imagination and entrepreneurial drive they have devised a whole range of ideas to make their money grow. One member has bought ingredients to make jam which she is selling to neighbours and friends. Another is selling free range eggs. Collecting scrap and aluminium foil, harvesting apples to bake pies, selling cooking oil, assembling packets of aquilegia seeds and other money making ideas are all in full swing. It is hope to hit the target of £500 by the time of the harvest festival celebration in early October.

This unusual harvest project is based on the parable of the talents told by Jesus in the New Testament. A ‘talent’ was part of the Jewish currency in the first century. Jesus told a story about how a rich man gave his servants several ‘talents’ each before he left on a long journey. When he returned his servants had used the money wisely and increased its value. The congregation are using their natural talents and skills to increase the £10 given to them. All the surplus made will be collected at the Harvest Festival.