May 05

Sue Baker, a member of the church and a dentist, recently returned from the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan where she led a team of four dentists who flew out to install a dental surgery at the Bach Christian Hospital at Qulandarabad.  In ten days Sue and her team installed the surgery, screened 250 pupils in an adjoining school, extracted teeth, taught about oral health and gave diet advice to teachers to prevent future decay in children’s teeth. They also trained a local itinerant health worker in how to carry out preventative treatment for children who live in the remote foothill villages of the Himalayas.  She was supported by the church in prayer and by a financial gift that went towards  the cost of dental materials including anaesthetic.


Sue Baker with her team of dentists – left to right Haroon Malik, Sue Baker, Mark Inman & Esther Stephenson with new hospital resident dentist Raheel sat in front.


Sue Baker treating a patient in the new surgery at Qulandarabbad, Pakistan


Sue Baker treating a pupil in a school in Qulandarabad


School pupils receiving toothbrushes and toothpaste as part of the oral hygiene education programme