Welcome to Morley Community Church

We are one of the newest Morley churches, launched in January 2000. The church is based at Fountain Primary School, Fountain Street, Morley, West Yorkshire, UK but also meets at other venues around the town. We are a local Morley church of people who believe the gospel and want to share it with others. The church is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches.

We are evangelical. Our position is mainstream Chrisitanity, we believe the Bible is entirely trustworthy and reliable and want to proclaim its message.

We are congregational. The church is self governing with members having an important part in running and organising its affairs.

We are Baptist. We encourage Christians to publicly declare their faith in baptism by full immersion.

Service. Our main Sunday Service is held at 10am in Fountain Primary School… details

Pastor: Stephen Wright

Our Mission: Sharing the love of Jesus, helping people, nurturing the church

TFGEVS Volunteers: If you are interested in working as a volunteer with Morley Community Church as part of the EVS programme please make your initial applications to our partner Time For God www.timeforgod.org



Morley Community Church News


Jan 04

Working in conjunction with Morley Elderly Action the church has distributed Day One Living Word Calendars to many of the older people living in the town.

Dec 14

At 5pm on Sunday 11 December the Annexe was full with standing room only as visitors to church  were treated to a German Nativity Play which was acted by adults with a real live baby as the infant child Jesus. The play Wurzener Krippenspiel was translated from the german original by church Gap Year Worker Johanna Schmidt who also directed the event.


There are further pictures of the event on the 13 December 2016 church Facebook page.

Nov 15

On Remembrance Sunday (13 November 2016) Johanna & Khrystyna laid wreaths at the Morley and Tingey war memorials.



With Andrea Jenkyns MP


Read more about it in the TFG newsletter under ‘EVS News’

Oct 24

On Friday 11 November a 7.30pm the Ladies Fellowship held a Chocolate Evening in the Annexe at Fountain Primary School.

During the evening there were demonstrations on how to make different types of chocolates and then all participants had an opportunity to make a small box selection to take home..


Oct 23

On Saturday 22 October Gary Clifford was baptised in a special service held at Gildersome Baptist Church.


Oct 04

We held our Harvest Celebration on Sunday 2 October with a service at 10am at Fountain Primary School and then a 5pm meeting at Jubilee Court followed by tea.


Harvest Display


Harvest Monsters made by the YSix Youth Group